Strategies for HIV prevention, management of acute and chronic HIV infection Group

Head: Associate Professor Edwina Wright


The main research directions include neurological disorders and opportunistic infections of the central nervous system (CNS) in HIV infected individuals, and is keen to identify and monitor neurological disease in HIV infected individuals in Australia and developing countries.


  • To determine the impact of different antiretroviral treatment strategies upon HIV-associated neurocognitive performance

  • To determine the prevalence of HIV-related neurological disorders, nationally and internationally

  • To assess, diagnose and treat HIV related neurological complications.


The Group heads the Australian National NeuroAIDS Brain and Tissue Bank Project which enrols HIV positive people who have agreed to undergo annual neurological evaluations and to donate their brains at the time of death. This national resource will serve as a future research repository for Australian and international researchers working in the field of neuroAIDS.

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Associate Professor Edwina J Wright

Head, Wright Group




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  • Associate Professor Edwina J Wright

    Associate Professor Edwina J Wright
    Head, Wright Group