Track Record

Find out more about the relationships Burnet has developed with commercial partners for the further development of its IP.

The commercial partners we are linked with for further development of IP includes:

Prima BioMed Ltd

Prima BioMed Ltd originated from the commercial arm of the Austin Research Institute and became a separate vehicle to commercialise various technologies generated at the Institute. These technologies included an ex-vivo cancer vaccine based on the Institute’s proprietary mannan adjuvant technology and an antibody against the cancer antigen Cripto 1. The company is currently undertaking a multi-centre phase II clinical trial of its mannan based vaccine CVacTM in ovarian cancer. For more information on Prima BioMed please visit the website.

4G Vaccines Pty Ltd

4G technology involves the generation of injectable vaccines against cancer based on the Burnet’s proprietary mannan adjuvant. For more information please contact [email protected]

See-D4 Pty Ltd

In 2009, Burnet Institute was successful in receiving funding from the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) for the development of novel ELISA and Rapid point of care based assay for measuring CD4-T cells necessary in the management of HIV. The partnership involved the company licensing the rights of these technologies for the developed world markets.

Contact Details

Serina Cucuzza

Executive General Manager, Commercial Strategy and Industry Partnerships