Fast track innovative technologies through early proof-of-concept towards product development.

About Us

Quick Development of Solutions Lab (qDOS LAB) is an exciting Burnet Institute initiative that brings together the principles of an accelerator and incubator and adapts them to a research environment.

Located in Melbourne, qDOS LAB’s innovative model identifies early-stage technologies in research laboratories that have commercial potential. Supported and managed by Burnet’s Strategic Funding and Partnerships Business Unit, a market-led approach fosters the transition from a research focus to a pathway driven by commercial objectives.

Our Aim

To nurture technologies through key early-stage development phases by adopting a market‑led approach.

The process begins by understanding the unmet need and mapping out the pathway to market and developing a plan to reach key value inflection points sooner. This is achieved by bringing an experienced cross-functional team together for milestone-led programs, with support from project management and expert advisers.


By clearly understanding the pathway to market from very early-stage development, we will be able to reach commercial outcomes — and ultimately the patient — sooner. On successful completion, these technologies may enter into full-scale product development and commercialisation through various mechanisms depending on the product and market.

Management Team

Ms Serina Cucuzza
Executive Director, qDOS LAB

Scientific Advisory Board

Associate Professor David Anderson Chief Scientific Advisor, qDOS LAB

Associate Professor Rosemary Ffrench Principal Scientist, National Serology Reference Laboratory

Professor P. Mark Hogarth Head, Immune Therapies Group, Burnet Institute

Contact Details

Serina Cucuzza

Executive General Manager, Commercial Strategy and Industry Partnerships




[email protected]