Other Ways You Can Give

"Our opportunities to support new initiatives, attract star recruits and purchase new equipment have improved significantly through very generous gifts to the Institute," Professor Brendan Crabb AC, Director and CEO.

The key ways you can support Burnet Institute are:

Travel Fellowships

Burnet Institute currently provides seven annual travel fellowships funded by donors. These enable outstanding researchers to exchange knowledge with their peers, present their work, receive mentoring through participation in scientific conferences and gain exposure to the wider scientific community in which they specialise.

Jean Edwards and Alison Martin

Jean Edwards and Alison Martin: Sisters supporting gender equity at Burnet.

Student Prizes

Each year Burnet awards prizes for excellence in various areas of research and scientific advancement. Sponsorship of these prizes allows us to provide additional learning opportunities for our students such as the sharing and development of their findings at international events.


State-of-the-art equipment is crucial to the efficiency and outcomes of our research projects. We share facilities with our partners and other institutes but rapid changes in technology mean we’re always in need or new or upgraded equipment.

Fundraising Events

You may like to host a fundraising event to raise money for Burnet – a morning or afternoon tea, a quiz night, a charity run, sports day, anything – and invite extended family, friends, business colleagues and other persons who may be interested in supporting Burnet Institute.

Event or Symposium Sponsorship

Burnet holds numerous major Symposia to highlight the cutting-edge research underway in our labs and field projects. We also host special events to recognise supporters, staff and to raise funds. Sponsorship is a vital part of the success of these events. Speak with our Special Events Manager, Stephanie Luketic about how you can become a sponsor of an event.

A gift to Burnet on a special occasion

Make a lasting contribution when you celebrate your next special occasion. Weddings, christenings, birthdays, anything – donate to Burnet Institute or ask your family and friends to do so instead of gifts. Your celebration will help achieve better health for vulnerable communities in Australia and internationally.

A gift in memory

To make a gift in memory is a beautiful way to remember a loved one, or mark the anniversary of their passing. Or you may like to ask for donations to Burnet Institute in lieu of flowers at the funeral of a loved-one. This provides the opportunity for family, friends and funeral guests to give a meaningful gift that will help fund the future work of Burnet Institute.

Endowment Fund

Did you know that Burnet Institute operates an Endowment Fund? Individuals or families can open and name an account in the Fund and place significant donations into it over extended periods of time.

A minimum donation of $10,000 is required to establish an account. These donations can be invested in perpetuity (or otherwise) with the investment returns being used to fund specific areas of Burnet’s work (at the discretion of the individual/family) or for the benefit of Burnet generally.

Such an account can be set up as a tribute to a specific family member; or perhaps in celebration of a family achievement; etc. This account can accept significant donations from family members across the generations and also receive gifts from the Wills of deceased family members.

United States Donors

Burnet Institute is a member of the American Fund for Charities, a US 501©(3) non-profit organisation. Donations made via the American Fund for Charities from US taxpayers are tax deductible to the extent allowed by US law. You can donate online, or alternatively download the pre-populated form.

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Every gift makes a difference to the lives of vulnerable communities where we work


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