Other Ways You Can Give

"Our opportunities to support new initiatives, attract star recruits and purchase new equipment have improved significantly through very generous gifts to the Institute," Professor Brendan Crabb AC, Director and CEO.

There are many ways you can show support: donating to our appeal is just the beginning!

Monthly Giving

Small regular gifts build over time. Many of our monthly supporters say they enjoy knowing that regular gifts really do add up and make such a difference. Monthly giving is easy to set up and your donation will be automatically deducted from your bank account or your credit card on the 16th of each month.

Donating to support what’s most important to you

We want you to feel great about donating to the Institute. Tell us if there’s an area you would specifically like to support or you can leave it to us to direct your donation to where the need is greatest.


At a time when many graduates move overseas to advance their career, Burnet aims to retain the brightest and the best by providing opportunities that keeps the knowledge here in Australia. Fellowships funded by donors allow recognition of the donor’s support for an important area, and provide the opportunity for Australian scientists to develop novel approaches to global issues.

2017 Travel Award winners

Student Prizes

Each year Burnet awards prizes for excellence in various areas of research and scientific advancement. Sponsorship of these prizes allows us to provide additional learning opportunities for our students such as the sharing and development of their findings at international events.


State-of-the-art equipment is crucial to the efficiency and outcomes of our research projects. We share facilities with our partners and other institutes but rapid changes in technology mean we’re always in need or new or upgraded equipment.

Event or Symposium Sponsorship

Burnet holds numerous major Symposia to highlight the cutting-edge research underway in our labs and field projects. We also host special events each year to recognise supporters, staff and to raise funds. Sponsorship is a vital part of the success of these events. Speak with our Special Events Manager, Stephanie Luketic about how you can become a sponsor of an event.

Workplace Giving

Why not team up with a group of workmates, contact us and see what we can achieve together. A deduction from your pre-tax salary is the most efficient way for you to support us. Often your employer will match what you raise helping your donation go even further!

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Every gift makes a difference to the lives of vulnerable communities where we work

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