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HIV-1 inhibits phagocytosis and inflammatory cytokine responses of human monocyte-derived macrophages to P. falciparum infected erythrocytes.

Ludlow LE, Zhou J, Tippett E, Cheng WJ, Hasang W, Rogerson SJ, Jaworowski A
Department of Medicine (RMH), University of Melbourne, Post Office Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. [email protected]


HIV-1 infection increases the risk and severity of malaria by poorly defined mechanisms. We investigated the effect of HIV-1(Ba-L) infection of monocyte-derived macrophages (MDM) on phagocytosis of opsonised P. falciparum infected erythrocytes (IE) and subsequent proinflammatory cytokine secretion. Compared to mock-infected MDM, HIV-1 infection significantly inhibited phagocytosis of IE (median (IQR) (10 (0-28) versus (34 (27-108); IE internalised/100 MDM; p = 0.001) and decreased secretion of IL-6 (1,116 (352-3,387) versus 1,552 (889-6,331); pg/mL; p = 0.0078) and IL-1beta (16 (7-21) versus 33 (27-65); pg/mL; p = 0.0078). Thus inadequate phagocytosis and cytokine production may contribute to impaired control of malaria in HIV-1 infected individuals.


  • Journal: PloS One
  • Published: 21/02/2012
  • Volume: 7
  • Issue: 2
  • Pagination: e32102