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The novel histone deacetylase inhibitors metacept-1 and metacept-3 potently increase HIV-1 transcription in latently infected cells.

Shehu-Xhilaga M, Rhodes D, Wightman F, Liu HB, Solomon A, Saleh S, Dear AE, Cameron PU, Lewin SR
Infectious Diseases Unit, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


We investigated the ability of several novel class I histone deacetylase inhibitors to activate HIV-1 transcription in latently infected cell lines.

Oxamflatin, metacept-1 and metacept-3 induced high levels of HIV-1 transcription in latently infected T cell and monocytic cells lines, were potent inhibitors of histone deacetylase activity and caused preferential cell death in transcriptionally active cells.

Although these compounds had potent in-vitro activity, their cytotoxicity may limit their use in patients.


  • Journal: AIDS
  • Published: 24/09/2009
  • Volume: 23
  • Issue: 15
  • Pagination: 2047-2050

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