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Manual for reducing drug related harm in Asia, 2003 (370 pages)

Editor - Nick Crofts, Lead Writer - Genevieve Costigan, Other Writers-Nick Crofts and Gary Reid, Cartoonist -Julie Smith
Centre for International Health, Burnet Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, 3004, Australia; Asia Harm Reduction Network


Contents: (370 pages)

Introduction to the First Edition Introduction to the Second Edition Section 1 - Background and Rationale p9

Chapter One - Drug Use and HIV Vulnerability p11 • The history of the drug trade in Asia • Emerging trends: drug use • Explosive epidemics • HIV among IDUs in Asia and the West.

Chapter Two - Rationale for Harm Reduction p 33 • A practical approach • Harm reduction: common elements • Education • Needle and syringe programs • Drug treatment and substitution programs • Peer education • Sales and purchasing of injecting equipment • Primary health care • Counselling and testing • Removing barriers • Special groups and circumstances.

Chapter Three - Balancing and Integrating the Approach of Supply Reduction, Demand Reduction and Harm Reduction p43 • Supply reduction; cultivation, processing, transport, distribution, finance • Demand reduction; education about drugs, treatment for drug abuse, community development • Harm reduction • Summary of the three approaches.

Briefing papers • Briefing Paper One 59 – Injecting Drug Use and AIDS: An Explosive Combination • Briefing Paper Two – Mapping Drug use in Asia in the Context of HIV/AIDS • Briefing Paper Three – A Review of Amphetamine Type Substances • Briefing Paper Four – Care and Support of Injecting Drug Users with HIV and AIDS


  • Journal: Centre for Harm Reduction, Burnet Institute
  • Published: 01/01/2003