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Tougher restrictions in NSW's 12 'LGAs of Concern' turns the corner on cases, not just rising vaccination levels. (PUBLIC HEALTH REPORT)

Saul A, Crabb B, Stoové M


In a pandemic, you expect that as new public health measures are introduced, there’s an observable impact on the spread of the disease. But while that might have been the case in Melbourne’s second wave last year, the highly contagious Delta variant is different. In Sydney’s current second wave, none of the increased restrictions seemed to have directly decreased the spread of COVID-19. Until now. Our modelling shows the curfew with the other restrictions introduced on 23 August in the 12 local government areas (LGAs) of concern has worked to halt the rise in cases. And this wasn’t due to the level of vaccinations achieved so far. It suggests other LGAs with rising case numbers should not rely solely on vaccination to cut case numbers in the short to medium term. They may need to tighten restrictions to get outbreaks under control.

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  • Journal: Know-C19 Burnet Institute
  • Published: 14/09/2021
  • Volume: September
  • Pagination: 1-6