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To Include or Occlude: Rational Engineering of HCV Vaccines for Humoral Immunity.

Schlotthauer F, McGregor J, Drummer HE
Viral Entry and Vaccines Group, Burnet Institute, Melbourne, VIC 3004, Australia.


Direct-acting antiviral agents have proven highly effective at treating existing hepatitis C infections but despite their availability most countries will not reach the World Health Organization targets for elimination of HCV by 2030. A prophylactic vaccine remains a high priority. Whilst early vaccines focused largely on generating T cell immunity, attention is now aimed at vaccines that generate humoral immunity, either alone or in combination with T cell-based vaccines. High-resolution structures of hepatitis C viral glycoproteins and their interaction with monoclonal antibodies isolated from both cleared and chronically infected people, together with advances in vaccine technologies, provide new avenues for vaccine development.

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  • Journal: Viruses
  • Published: 30/04/2021
  • Volume: 13
  • Issue: 5
  • Pagination: 805