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Spatial association and clinical development of equine influenza in horses yarded overnight at an equestrian event at Maitland prior to propagating the 2007 epidemic in Australia.

A L Britton, D A Major, G H Perry, A J Read
Ultimate Efficacy Consulting Pty Ltd, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia. [email protected]


The interaction and stabling of horses at equine events may have a substantial impact on the spread of a zoonotic disease. This study aimed to investigate the spread of equine influenza (EI) at an equestrian event at the start of the Australian outbreak. Around one-third of the competing horses were stabled overnight at the event and, of these, 70% developed symptoms of EI within 7 days. The index case was never positively identified, but stabling position and disease onset provided clues to its potential identity.


  • Journal: Australian Veterinary Journal
  • Published: 01/07/2011
  • Volume: 89 Suppl 1
  • Pagination: 68-69