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A qualitative investigation of barriers, support-seeking and coping among South Sudanese people with chronic hepatitis B in Australia.

William Mude, Christopher Fisher, Jacqui Richmond, Jack Wallace, Roslyn Le Gautier


This inquiry examines health-seeking practices and challenges among South Sudanese people from refugee backgrounds with chronic hepatitis B in Australia. Fifteen semi-structured interviews were conducted. Using interpretative thematic analysis, the results revealed four themes, consisting of barriers and facilitators to clinical follow up, treatment and support-seeking practices and coping responses. Time constraints, having divergent views about treatment decisions and perceived inadequate clinical support were also identified as barriers. Being referred to a specialist, being aware of the risk associated with liver cancer and sending reminders about appointments were identified as facilitators to clinical follow up. Treatment-seeking practices involved both biomedical and alternative therapies. Participants mainly drew on their social networks and supports, religious beliefs and individual resilience as coping strategies. The findings are important for improving access to treatment and care and support for people with chronic hepatitis B from the South Sudanese community.


  • Journal: Australian Journal of Primary Health
  • Published: 19/06/2019
  • Volume: 25
  • Issue: 3
  • Pagination: 264-274



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