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Facilitating hepatitis B clinical management in general practice: A qualitative investigation.

Wallace J, Richmond J, Allard N, Howell J, Adamson E, XiaoYZ, O’Reilly C, Hellard M
Burnet Institute, Vic;, Centre for Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, Vic; Department of Medicine, St [email protected] Hospital, University of Melbourne, Vic.


METHOD: Data from qualitative semi-structured interviews with 19 participants from primary care settings were thematically analysed. RESULTS: Critical elements in providing clinical care in primary care settings were identified at an organisational and provider level. A supportive organisational culture included leadership, a multidisciplinary team approach, community engagement and cultural competency, while provider-related issues included authorisation to prescribe, access to linguistic and cultural mediators and effective relationships with relevant specialist services. DISCUSSION: The research identified practice leadership, organisational culture and a patient focus supported hepatitis B clinical management transitioning from specialist to primary care services.