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Engaging sub-Saharan African migrant families in Australia: broadening definitions of family, community, and culture.

Mugadza HT, Akombi BJ, Tetteh VW, Stout B, Renzaho AMN


Traditional family characteristics within sub-Saharan African migrant families settling in Australia are challenged in the process of acculturation. These challenges gain prominence when subSaharan African migrant families become involved with the Child Protection System. In order to successfully engage these families, Child Protection practitioners will need a deeper understanding and appreciation of sub-Saharan African migrants’ parenting practices. This qualitative study fills that gap by using the dynamics of cultural negotiation to explore sub-Saharan African migrants’ parenting practices in the context of Australia. Findings show the participants’ negotiation of existing beliefs and values as they incorporate and or reject new ones within the new environment. Thus the study contributes insights for a deeper understanding of the participants’ post-migration parenting practices and experiences.

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  • Journal: Community Work & Family
  • Published: 01/04/2021
  • Volume: 24
  • Issue: 4
  • Pagination: 435-54