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'Think Hep B' in primary care: A before-and-after evaluation of a self-guided learning package.

Xiao Y, van Gemert C, Howell J, Adamson E, Towell V, Cowie BC, Thompson AJ, Hellard M
MBBS, MMed, PhD candidate, Burnet Institute, Vic; PhD candidate, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, Vic; PhD candidate, Department of Gastroenterology, St [email protected] Hospital, Vic.


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: In Australia, over a third of individuals living with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) remain undiagnosed. Evidence suggests general practitioners (GPs) can be uncertain regarding whom to test. The aim of this study was to evaluate an educational resource for improving GPs' knowledge about whom to test for CHB. METHOD: Following a 2014 baseline survey that identified gaps in CHB knowledge among GPs in Victoria, an educational resource package was developed. Using a follow-up survey, the resource was evaluated by comparing the before-and-after CHB-related knowledge. RESULTS: Sixty-five GPs responded to both the baseline and follow-up survey. Their knowledge of populations at high risk of CHB who require testing was significantly greater following the intervention than at baseline. DISCUSSION: Concise, clear and practical resources can support GPs when identifying whom to test for hepatitis B.

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This work is supported by Burnet Institute research funding. YX is supported by the Melbourne Research Scholarship 2016. CVG receives support through an Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) scholarship. AJT is supported by a Practitioner Fellowship (1142976) from the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC). MH is supported by an NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship.


  • Journal: Australian Journal of General Practice
  • Published: 01/01/2020
  • Volume: 49
  • Issue: 1-2
  • Pagination: 66-69