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An overview of hepatitis B prevalence, prevention and management in the pacific islands and territories.

Howell J, Van Gemert C, Lemoine M, Thursz M, Hellard M


There are over 500-750,000 deaths per year due to HBV-related cirrhosis and liver cancer worldwide and the WHO Western Pacific Region has some of the highest endemic levels of hepatitis B (HBV) in the world, particularly within China, South East Asia and Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICT). The PICT have unique ethnic diversity and a very high prevalence of smoking and the metabolic syndrome, both important risk factors for liver fibrosis and liver cancer. However, in contrast to many Asian countries there is little published data on HBV prevalence and related liver disease burden in PICT. In this review, the available published literature and WHO data for HBV prevalence and related liver disease and liver cancer burden in PICT is outlined and unmet needs for improving HBV prevention and control in the region are highlighted.


  • Journal: Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Published: 06/08/2014
  • Volume: 29
  • Issue: 11
  • Pagination: 1854-1866


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