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Oxidised mannan antigen conjugates preferentially stimulate T1 type immune responses.

McKenzie IF, Apostolopoulos V, Lees C, Xing PX, Lofthouse S, Osinski C, Popovski V, Acres B, Pietersz G
Austin Research Institute, Heidelberg, Vic., Australia. [email protected]


It is desirable to be able to produce either T1 or T2 responses and we have found that, in mice, mannose–coupled antigens stimulated T2 type responses antibodies and CTLs, whereas if oxidized, mannose–coupled antigens stimulated T1 responses little antibody and a potent CTL response. In addition, the cytokine profiles support the T1rT2 differentiation with these immunizations, in that oxidized mannan antigen gives IFNg, IL-2 and IL-12 production, whereas in the absence of oxidization, IL-4 and not the other cytokines is produced. A number of antigens have been examined–particularly Mucin 1 and the delivery method using mannose may be applicable to the other antigens.


  • Journal: Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology
  • Published: 15/05/1998
  • Volume: 63
  • Issue: 1-2
  • Pagination: 185-190