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A recombinant avipoxvirus HIV-1 vaccine expressing interferon-gamma is safe and immunogenic in macaques.

Kent SJ, Zhao A, Dale CJ, Land S, Boyle DB, Ramshaw IA
AIDS Pathogenesis Research Unit, Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research, Yarra Bend Rd, Fairfield, Australia. [email protected]


Complex recombinant fowlpoxvirus (rFPV) vaccines expressing both HIV-1 antigens and type 1 cytokines could facilitate the induction of cellular immunity against HIV-1. A single rFPV expressing both HIV-1gag/pol and human interferon-gamma (FPVgag/pol-IFNgamma) was constructed and assessed as a therapeutic vaccine for safety and immunogenicity in macaques (Macaca nemestrina) previously infected with HIV-1. FPV gag/pol-IFNgamma vaccinations were safe and enhanced T cell proliferative responses to Gag antigens (but not control tetanus antigens). Enhanced CTL responses to gag/pol antigens were also observed following IFNgamma expressing vaccinations. Since cellular immunity may be critical to controlling or preventing HIV-1 infection, these observations suggest that avipox vectors co-expressing IFNgamma should be further evaluated as therapeutic or preventive HIV-1 vaccines.


  • Journal: Vaccine
  • Published: 28/04/2000
  • Volume: 18
  • Issue: 21
  • Pagination: 2250-2256