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Oxidized and reduced mannan mediated MUC1 DNA immunization induce effective anti-tumor responses.

Tang CK, Sheng KC, Pouniotis D, Esparon S, Son HY, Kim CW, Pietersz GA, Apostolopoulos V
Immunology and Vaccine Laboratory, Burnet Institute (Austin Campus), Heidelberg, VIC, Australia.


DNA immunization is an attractive form of vaccination, which has shown promising results only in small animal models. There is a need to develop efficient gene delivery systems. We previously demonstrated that oxidized (OM) and reduced mannan (RM) complexed to ovalbumin DNA via poly-l-lysine (PLL), were able to generate potent immune responses in mice. Herein, we further investigated the suitability of OMPLL and RMPLL as carriers for mucin 1 (MUC1) DNA vaccination for cancer immunotherapy. Studies presented here showed that immune responses in C57BL/6 mice induced by OMPLL-MUC1 DNA and RMPLL-MUC1 DNA immunization were more immunogenic compared to MUC1 DNA alone. Moreover, tumor protection was evident at a dose as low as 0.5 microg. In addition, strong T cell responses were induced in HLA-A2 transgenic and human MUC1 transgenic mice. These results demonstrate the potential of OM and RM as efficient non-viral gene delivery carriers for DNA vaccines for use in cancer immunotherapy.


  • Journal: Vaccine
  • Published: 23/07/2008
  • Volume: 26
  • Issue: 31
  • Pagination: 3827-3834