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Equine rhinitis A virus: structural proteins and immune response.

C A Hartley, N Ficorilli, K Dynon, H E Drummer, J A Huang, M J Studdert


Equine rhinitis A virus (ERAV) is a picornavirus that has been reclassified as a member of the Aphthovirus genus because of its resemblance to foot-and-mouth disease virus at the level of nucleotide sequence and overall genomic structure. The N-terminal amino acid sequence of three of the four capsid proteins of ERAV was determined and showed that the proteolytic cleavage sites within the precursor P1 polypeptide occur exactly as those predicted for an aphthovirus-like 3C protease, which generates the capsid proteins VP1 and VP3. However, the autocatalytic cleavage site between VP4 and VP2, which is independent of 3C protease cleavage, was different from that predicted previously. ERAV.393/76 antisera from horses and rabbits showed different reactivity to the viral structural proteins in both serum neutralization assays and Western blots. High neutralizing antibody titres appeared to correlate with strong reactivity to VP1 in Western blots.


  • Journal: The Journal of general virology
  • Published: 01/07/2001
  • Volume: 82
  • Issue: Pt 7
  • Pagination: 1725-1728