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Human resources for health in maternal, neonatal and reproductive health at community level: a synthesis of the literature with a focus on the Asia and Pacific Regions

Angela Dawson, Tara Howes, Ponndara Ith, Natalie Gray, Elissa Kennedy


This literature review provides examples of lessons learned in the planning, implementation and evaluation of HRH interventions in MNRH at the community level in the Asia and Pacific regions. The review outlines interventions in the areas of HRH policy, management and education and training. It synthesises what are considered effective ways of working with the community and ways towards building supportive environments for health workers. Important HRH experiences from countries that have made progress towards MDG 5 are discussed as well as country experiences of scaling up HRH interventions in MNRH and proposed models practice. Finally approaches to the assessment of individual health worker, team and HRH management performance are presented in the context of health system strengthening and the achievements of Millennium Development Goal 5 (MDG 5).


  • Journal: Women's and Children's Health Knowledge Hub: Discussion Paper
  • Published: 01/01/2010