Children and teenagers' exposure to risk online and methods to reduce harm

Online pornography is a significant concern for the current generation of young people, their parents and schools, but there is very little research to inform strategies to address these concerns.

There is growing evidence surrounding the need to provide young people with education and resources to navigate new sexual media, like online pornography. However, parents are often under resourced to provide such information to young people. Further, little is known about the most appropriate interventions and feasible methods to deliver this information to young people and their parents.

This study seeks to fill these critical information gaps by providing parents with the opportunity to share their experiences of parenting children in the age of internet technology and online pornography and provide their opinions on information needs and feasibility of potential interventions to address harms.

The research will address a range of questions including: - How do parents perceive the risks of their children’s use of internet and communications technology and exposure to online pornography? - How to they currently address these issues with their children? - What types of information about pornography is needed and how would they like to receive it? - What do they think is appropriate information about pornography for children and young people to receive?

The research is being conducted using semi-structured interviews with parents of 10-16 year olds from diverse social, cultural and economic backgrounds from across Melbourne and surrounding areas.

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August 2017 - March 2018


AMP Tomorrow Makers Foundation NHMRC postgraduate scholarship

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Doctor Megan SC Lim

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