DAA based therapy for recently acquired hepatitis C – II (DARE-C II)

DARE C 11 is an open label single arm multicentre study.

The use of a highly potent pan-genotypic interferon sparing drug combination in the setting of recently acquired HCV infection is hypothesised to result in the vast majority of patients achieving successful virological clearance.

In this setting it is also anticipated that therapy can be shortened relative to that used in established chronic infection. A short course interferon free strategy is likely to be highly attractive to both patients and clinicians and if proven may further encourage early HCV testing and diagnosis.

In this pilot study, we plan to explore the safety, efficacy and feasibility of the dual interferon-sparing combination of SOF plus RBV in patients with documented recently acquired HCV infection.

The established study recruitment network within the ATAHC studies in Australia is an ideal setting in which to explore the activity of interferon-free combinations for the treatment of subjects with recently acquired HCV infection.

If successful such a strategy could offer significant individual and population level benefits.


  • 2014-2016


The Kirby Institute (UNSW Sydney)

Health Issue

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