SEXT ME UR (.)(.) An investigation of the prevalence and practice of sexting among young Australians

There is growing media interest and public concern about the practices of ‘SEXTing’ and posting of explicit images and text to social media sites among young people.

This project will use data from the Big Day Out (BDO) project surveys to determine the frequency of such behaviours.

Further investigation of the practices will elucidate who engages in SEXTing, who SEXTs are sent to, and the type of content that is shared. It will determine young people’s opinions and attitudes towards SEXTing and sharing of explicit content, and measures they undertake to maintain control of content and ensure its privacy.

It will determine their understanding of adverse consequences (including legal issues) related to sexting. These data will be collected from focus group discussions or in-depth interviews.

Health Issue

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Associate Professor Megan SC Lim

Deputy Program Director, Behaviours and Health Risks; Head, Young People’s Health




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