Staff & Students

Doctor Alyce Wilson

Public Health Registrar and Research Fellow

Amanda Benson

Program Manager, Maternal and Child Health

Anna Roberts

Executive Business & Programs Manager, Optima Consortium for Decision Science

Doctor Ben Coghlan

Co-Program Director, Health Security

Professor Brendan Crabb AC

Director and CEO; Co-Head Malaria Research Laboratory; Chair, Victorian Chapter of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI)

Brooke Vandenberg

International Health Project Officer

Professor Caroline Homer AO

Burnet Executive Team; Co-Program Director, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health; Working Group Head

Doctor Chris Morgan

Head of International Development Discipline

Christine Langer

Laboratory Manager & Research Assistant, Malaria Research: Immunity, Vaccines and New Therapies

Clarissa Moreira

PhD Student and Research Assistant

Professor David Wilson

Head of Infectious Disease Modelling

David Delgado Diaz

PhD Student

Dominic Delport

Research Assistant

Doctor Elissa Kennedy

Co-Program Director, Maternal and Child Health; Co-Head Global Adolescent Health

Eliza Davidson

PhD Candidate

Doctor Elizabeth Peach

Research Project Manager, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

Doctor Frances Ampt

PhD Candidate

Professor Freya J.I. Fowkes

Deputy Program Director, Maternal and Child Health

Doctor Gaoqian Feng

Postdoctoral Scientist, Malaria Research: Immunity, Vaccines and New Therapies Laboratory

Gianna Robbers

International Health Project Officer/ Research Assistant

Professor Gilda Tachedjian

Head of Life Sciences; Head of Tachedjian Laboratory (Retroviral Biology and Antivirals)

Doctor Greta E Weiss

Research Officer

Hannah Clark

Honours Student

Doctor Herbert Opi

Postdoctoral Scientist

Professor James Beeson

Deputy Director (People); Head of Malaria Immunity and Vaccines Laboratory; Adjunct Professor Monash University

Doctor Jo-Anne Chan

Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Doctor Joshua Hayward

Research Officer

Associate Professor Joshua Vogel

Principal Research Fellow

Karly Cini

Research Officer

Katherine O’Flaherty

PhD Candidate

Doctor Kyu Kyu Than

Senior Technical Coordinator, Myanmar Program

Associate Professor Leanne Robinson

Co-Program Director, Health Security; Principal Research Fellow, Group Leader, Vector-Borne Diseases and Tropical Public Health

Doctor Linda Reiling

Senior Research Officer, Malaria Research: Immunity, Vaccines and New Therapies

Doctor Liriye Kurtovic

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Lisa Vitasovich

Project Accountant

Liz Comrie-Thomson

Women's and Children's Health Specialist

Long Nguyen

Data Manager

Professor Margaret Hellard AM

Deputy Director (Programs); Adjunct Professor, Monash University, DEPM.

Doctor Megan SC Lim

Deputy Program Director, Behaviours and Health Risks; Preventive Health Research Fellow

Professor Michael Toole AM

Former Board member, Special Advisor on Nutrition

Doctor Michelle Scoullar

HMHB Principal Investigator; PhD candidate

Mikha Gabriela

PhD student

Doctor Minh Duc Pham

Senior Research Officer

Naanki Pasricha

Program Engagement Manager

Doctor Nick Scott


Nisaa Wulan

Adolescent Research Officer

Doctor Paul Gilson

Co-head, Malaria Virulence and Drug Discovery Group, and Head of Burnet Cell Imaging Facility

Paul Agius

Applied Statistician and Burnet Institute Senior Fellow

Associate Professor Peter Azzopardi

Co-Head of Adolescent Health

Doctor Philippe Boeuf

Senior Research Officer

Shan Huang

International Nutrition Project Officer

Doctor Sherrie Kelly

Applications Team Lead

Shuning Zheng

Research Assistant

Sieyin Phung

Project Manager

Doctor Stenard Hiasihri

Acting PNG Country Director

Yasmin Mohamed

Women's and Children's Health Specialist