Immunity against unstructured proteins in malaria

(Image: Computation paper algorithms)

This project aims to assess the importance of human immune responses against unstructured proteins from the malaria parasite.

While unstructured proteins represent an attractive vaccine target, having no reliance on complex folding for immune recognition to occur, very little is known about the nature of immune responses against this class of proteins.

(Image: Disordered proteins)

We are using a combination of computational bioinformatics and laboratory based techniques to probe this phenomenon further, with a focus on identifying novel vaccine targets. We are developing an online tool called PlasmoSIP (Plasmodium Structure, Immunology and Polymorphisms) to assist in this work. The beta-version of this tool is available here.

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Associate Professor Jack Richards

Group Head, NHMRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Infectious Diseases Physician




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