Samia Aziz



Samia Aziz is an academician and public health researcher in Bangladesh. Her research interests focus on maternal health and care services, socio-demographic determinants and risk factors of non-communicable diseases and mental health. She has expertise in quantitative research and experience in coordinating a national data collection surveillance administered by the Independent University Bangladesh IUB.

Samia is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Epidemiology at the University of Melbourne and working with the Global Women’s and Newborn’s Health group at the Burnet Institute. She has completed a systematic review on the cost-effectiveness of tranexamic acid for the treatment of postpartum haemorrhage and currently implementing quantitative analysis using Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey (BDHS) data to examine the trends and socio-demographic inequalities in accessing postpartum care in Bangladesh. She has a strong desire to work towards the achievement of universal health coverage.


  • 2012 - ongoing (currently on study leave): Senior Lecture, School of Public Health Independent University, Bangladesh IUB
  • 2015 - 2016: Live in field experience (LFE) coordinator, Independent University Bangladesh IUB
  • 2014 - 2018: Undergraduate course coordinator, Independent University Bangladesh IUB


  • 2020: Currently enrolled, Master of Science in Epidemiology, the University of Melbourne
  • 2008: Master of Public Health MPH, Independent University, Bangladesh IUB
  • 2006: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management, Independent University, Bangladesh IUB


  • 2018: Australia Award Scholarship, DFAT

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