Elspeth Kendall-Carpenter

TB Public Health Nurse


Elspeth has many years of nursing experience in various hospital and community settings and in several countries.

Prior to joining Burnet, Elspeth was based in New Zealand where she spent several years working in palliative care.

During the last 10 years Elspeth volunteered with VSA as a trainer/facilitator in Zambia, setting up an outreach mobile clinic for people living with HIV and has worked with MSF on 3 occasions, in PNG (TB), Greece (Refugees) and Uzbekistan (TB PRACTECAL). Elspeth also worked with the NHS in the UK as a community TB specialist nurse and most recently with Auckland Regional Public Health Services as a public health nurse managing TB and Vaccine Preventable Diseases.


  • Public Health Nurse, (Daru) Burnet Institute
  • Public Health Nurse, Auckland Regional Public Health Services, NZ
  • Nursing Activity Manager, TB PRACTECAL MSF Uzbekistan
  • Nursing Activity Manager, Mobile Landing Rescue Team, MSF Greece
  • Outreach Nursing Activity Manager, Kerema, Gulf Province MSF PNG
  • Community TB Specialist Nurse, NHS UK
  • Palliative Care Trainer/Facilitator, VSA Choma, Zambia
  • Community Palliative Care Nurse, NZ
  • Clinical Charge Nurse IPU, St Joseph’s Hospice Auckland, NZ
  • Registered Nurse, Herne Bay House, Auckland., NZ


  • 2019: Vaccinator Authorisation Certification, IMAC NZ
  • 2012: Diploma in Tropical Nursing, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, England
  • 2007 MN, (Clin), Victoria University, Wellington, NZ
  • 1987: RN, St Mary’s Hospital, London, England
  • 1983: BSc, University of Sussex, England

Projects (1)

Current (1)

  • RID-TB: Reducing the Impact of Drug-Resistant TB in Western Province, PNG