PNG working hard to eliminate malaria

Burnet Institute

03 July, 2018

Image: Associate Professor Helen Evans AO and PNG Deputy Health Secretary Dr Paison Dakulala at the Malaria World Congress

Papua New Guinea has aligned itself with all global strategies and World Health Organization recommendations in its bid to aim for malaria elimination by 2030, PNG Deputy Health Secretary Dr Paison Dakulala told the Malaria World Congress (MWC2018) in Melbourne.

He said PNG’s Malaria Control Strategy aimed at sustaining and accelerating universal coverage and access to malaria-focused interventions. PNG is one of the Pacific nations who have committed to eliminate malaria from the Asia-Pacific by 2030.

Past gains in PNG, with a population of 8 million people and a challenging terrain, had proved fragile, he said, with funding support reduced from earlier levels.

He said US$1.90 per capita was required to sustain malaria interventions in PNG at their current levels.

Dr Dakulala was speaking at a conference session on Maintaining National Political Leadership in the Context of Declining Infection Rates and Resurgence and Containing Artemisinin Resistance, chaired by Burnet Board Member Associate Professor Helen Evans AO.

He finished by saying “Yumi Rausim Malaria”, Pidgin for ‘We will eliminate malaria’.

“That’s a catchphrase that needs to be on everyone’s lips.”

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