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01 July, 2018

“There was no precedence, no historical formula or traditional society-like backing for this meeting. So everyone involved in bringing about this meeting, both individuals and organisations, had to not just share the vision but take bit of a leap of faith.” – Founder and Co-Chair of the 1st Malaria World Congress (MWC2018), Professor Brendan Crabb AC.

Reflections on key messages from Congress

Congress Founder, Burnet Institute Director and CEO, and malaria researcher, Professor Brendan Crabb AC said following MWC2018 there is a real hunger in the malaria community to not rest on the success of the last decade but rather feel uncomfortable that we have so much more to do.

Burnet Institute malaria researcher, Dr Herbert Opi said the “big picture talks” at the MWC2018 had an impact on his thinking about “what’s next” in the fight to eliminate malaria.


1st Malaria World Congress issues Statement of Action

The status quo is not ok in fight against malaria

Congress founder Professor Brendan Crabb AC highlights call for change in MWC2018 keynote closing address.

Burnet plays major role at Malaria World Congress

Commitment and spirit of collaboration united malaria researchers including Burnet’s team at MWC2018!


Serosurveillance has an important role to play to eliminate malaria including identifying hotspots of transmission and evaluating the impact of malaria control interventions Burnet Institute’s Dr Phillippe Boeuf told the Malaria World Congress.

Myanmar committed to eliminating malaria

Burnet’s Dr Win Han Oo tells MWC2018 that community delivered models are important to achieve elimination.


Australia-China-Papua New Guinea Trilateral Malaria Project

Burnet researchers led by Dr Leanne Robinson involved in this innovative project which was highlighted at MWC2018 as a new way of partnering among countries.

Papua New Guinea working hard to eliminate malaria

PNG Deputy Health Secretary Dr Paison Dakulala spoke on Maintaining National Political Leadership in the Context of Declining Infection Rates and Resurgence and Containing Artemisinin Resistance, chaired by Burnet Board Member Associate Professor Helen Evans AO. Burnet’s Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies program is centred in Kokopo, East New Britain Province.

Malaria elimination features on ABC TV’s The World program. MWC2018 Founder, Professor Brendan Crabb AC interviewed on ABC TV about malaria funding and elimination efforts.


Fantastic support from The Hon Julie Bishop MP who delivered the keynote address: “Towards Malaria Elimination in the Indo-Pacific Region”.

Minister Bishop was welcomed by PNG’s Health Minister the Hon Dr Sir Puka Temu and MWC2018 Co-Chairs, Professor Brendan Crabb AC, Associate Professor Helen Evans AO and Professor Alan Cowman.

Government funding for vector surveillance project

Dr Leanne Robinson will lead a new project to support real-time surveillance of vector borne illnesses in PNG.

Community engagement key weapon to beat malaria

Burnet’s Deputy Head of Behaviours and Health Risks Program, Ms Lisa Davidson tells MWC2018 that its vital to engage communities in efforts to eliminate malaria.

Burnet’s #UniteAgainstMalaria pledge wall

Delegates sign their pledges of support to Eliminate Malaria and join our #UniteAgainstMalaria campaign during the Congress. If you haven’t signed yet, visit the Burnet Wall in the Global Village.


1st Malaria World Congress opens

More than 1000 delegates from 69 countries share the vision for action, unity and impact in the fight against malaria.

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