Alcohol and drug use research boosted by ARC Future Fellowship

Burnet Institute

03 February, 2011

Burnet’s Alcohol and Other Drug Research Unit has been awarded the prestigious ARC Future Fellowship to help continue its great work.

The Unit, part of the Centre for Population Health, conducts research designed to measure the nature and extent of alcohol and other drug use over time, with a view to developing effective policy responses. This work is done in collaboration with colleagues from other institutions in Australia and overseas.

The Unit head, Associate Professor Paul Dietze said that the Future Fellowship is crucial to continue the work to reduce the burden of alcohol and other drug use and related harms on the Australian community.

“I plan to lead a substantial research program in the area of alcohol and other drug use, and ensure that our research findings have maximum impact upon policy and practice in the area,” he said.

“To this end, my work over the next four years is directly linked with a Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) into Injecting Drug Use that will work to bring together some of the finest researchers in the country to conduct high-quality research, build research capacity in the area and effectively disseminate the outcomes of this research.”

The Fellowship will support the Unit to research:
- The typical trajectories of drug use among people who inject drugs;
- The prevalence and incidence of hepatitis C infection in a large cohort of people who inject drugs;
- How to increase the uptake of research evidence by policymakers;
- How to better integrate and use findings from qualitative and quantitative research to maximise the benefits of different methodologies.

The Fellowship provides approximately $200,000 per year over four years.

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