A landmark era for Burnet Institute

Burnet Institute

01 March, 2017

Burnet Institute has begun a bold, but exciting new era in its history.

The transformation of the Institute to a program-led organisation is officially underway, placing interdisciplinary health programs at the heart of daily decision-making.

Burnet Institute Director and CEO, Professor Brendan Crabb AC said 1 March 2017 is a significant milestone for the Institute.

“This really is a landmark moment for us, and a new approach to address the issues that are most important to us to achieve our vision and mission,” Professor Crabb AC said.

“The multidisciplinary programs will harness our remarkable, highly diverse skill base to help solve devastating health problems, and have greater impact as a result.”

Burnet’s new programs, Maternal and Child Health, Disease Elimination, Behaviours and Health Risks, Healthy Ageing and Health Security, have expertise across biomedical research, public health and international development spectrums.

These newly formed multidisciplinary teams provide greater capacity, and depth of skill and knowledge, to address complex and intractable global health issues. This sets Burnet apart from other organisations.

Leading each program is a talented team of experienced, innovative researchers who have made considerable contributions in their own fields. Program Directors include Dr Elissa Kennedy (Maternal and Child Health), Professor Heidi Drummer (Disease Elimination), Professor Paul Dietze (Behaviours and Health Risks), Professor Suzanne Crowe AM (Healthy Ageing, Expansion Program) and Dr Ben Coghlan (Health Security, Expansion Program).

Associate Professor David Anderson, Professor Margaret Hellard and Professor James Beeson join the Institute’s Executive Leadership Team as Institute Deputy Directors.

Cross cutting disciplines or ‘communities of practice’ will support technical skill development of our staff and will be led by Professor Gilda Tachedjian (Life Sciences), Associate Professor Mark Stoové (Public Health) and Dr Chris Morgan (International Development).

Professor Robert Power heads the International Operations team to support our overseas-based staff. Organisational Support Services works across the Institute, supporting all Programs and the Executive Leadership.

Find out more about Burnet’s 2020 strategic plan.

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