Launch of Australian TB Caucus

Angus Morgan

15 March, 2016

TB Caucus Co-Chair The Hon Matt Thistlethwaite MP addresses the launch at Parliament House

Federal Parliament has thrown its considerable weight behind the elimination of tuberculosis (TB) from the Asia Pacific region with the launch of the Australian TB Caucus.

Co-Chaired by Hon Warren Entsch MP and Hon Matt Thistlethwaite MP, the Australian TB Caucus brings together Members of the House of Representatives and Senate with a keen interest in tuberculosis and how Australia can best secure support and expertise to contribute to its global eradication.

The Australian TB Caucus will focus primarily on the Asia Pacific region and increasing Parliamentary awareness about TB and its impacts.

More than 30 Parliamentarians attended Tuesday morning’s official launch hosted by Results Australia and the Australasian TB Forum, and sponsored by Burnet Institute, the Centre for Research Excellence into TB and AERAS.

Mr Thistlethwaite spoke about the need to work within Parliament for a greater focus on TB and to ensure Australia makes a generous contribution to the next Global Fund Replenishment.

MPs were invited to sign The Barcelona Declaration, which is the founding document of the Global TB Caucus.

The Declaration is open to any political representative in the world to sign and is a demonstration of support and solidarity for efforts to end the TB epidemic.

It is designed to raise the profile of the disease amongst politicians and is a tool for advocates wishing to engage local decision-makers.

Burnet was represented at the launch at Parliament House in Canberra by International Health and Development Officers Geoff Chan and Tope Adepoyibi.

Other guests included Papua New Guinea High Commissioner to Australia, His Excellency Charles W. Lepani and Results Australia CEO, Maree Nutt.

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