2016 Sex, Drugs, and Rock‘n’Roll survey is 'live'

Angus Morgan

05 February, 2016

Burnet Institute’s 12th annual Sex, Drugs, and Rock‘n’Roll survey is ‘live’ online and open for business for Victorians aged 15 to 29.

Since 2005, we’ve used the Sex, Drugs, and Rock‘n’Roll surveys to investigate sexual behaviour and knowledge, alcohol and other drug use and other lifestyle behaviours in young people in Victoria.

We know from past research that young people in Australia are at significant risk of sexually transmitted infection (STIs) such as chlamydia, alcohol and other drug-related harm, and other health outcomes.

From 2005 to 2014 we conducted the survey at the Melbourne Big Day Out festival. For the past two years, the survey has been available online.

In the 2016 survey, participants will be asked about their sexual and drug taking behaviour and their knowledge of STIs.

This will be compared to responses from previous surveys to determine if knowledge and behaviour is changing over time.

Other questions will be asked on topics such as mental health, pornography use and perceptions about crystal methamphetamine use.

Participation in this study involves completing a questionnaire, which should take you 20-30 minutes to complete.

If you’re aged between 15 and 29 and willing to contribute to this important project, click here to access the survey.

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