GuoMinXinHe Group becomes a Founding Partner of the Alastair Lucas Endowment Fund

Burnet Institute

17 August, 2015

Burnet’s investment partners in Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostics Technology Co. Ltd, the Beijing GuoMinXinHe Group, have committed their support as a Founding Partner of the Alastair Lucas Endowment Fund.

GuoMinXinHe Group joins Goldman Sachs Australia and Macquarie Group as Founding Partners of the Endowment Fund, named in honour of Burnet’s former long-standing Chair and passionate advocate, Alastair Lucas AO.

The Alastair Lucas Endowment Fund will be used to support in perpetuity the Alastair Lucas Prize for Medical Research into diseases affecting poor and disadvantaged communities.

Burnet Director and CEO, Professor Brendan Crabb AC welcomed the generous commitment by the GuoMinXinHe Group.

“Their support together with that of Goldman Sachs Australia and Macquarie Group as Founding Partners of the Endowment Fund has been critical in enabling the Alastair Lucas Prize for Medical Research to become a reality,” Professor Crabb said.

“The support of the GuoMinXinHe Group is greatly appreciated and truly reflects the great friendship that exists between our two organisations.

“As one of the driving forces that helped conceive and create Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostics Technologies Co Ltd, Alastair was extremely proud of what had been achieved and the impact that our partnership with the GuoMinXinHe Group will eventually bring, especially to the people of China and the region.

“Their generosity will also ensure that Alastair’s vision for a healthier world is brought to fruition.”

Chairman of the Beijing GuoMinXinHe Group, President Bai Muchun, reaffirmed its commitment to support Alastair Lucas’ vision.

“Firstly, it is an honour to be a founding and permanent partner of the Alastair Lucas Endowment Fund, together with Goldman Sachs Australia and the Macquarie Group,” President Bai said.

“We forged a deep friendship with Alastair in the process of cooperating with Burnet. We are very moved by Alastair’s passionate spirit in helping the vulnerable population who suffer deprivation, diseases and poor conditions.

“Over the last year, our cooperation with Burnet in the project of Nanjing BioPoint has made considerable progress. We will continue to contribute actively to improve the health, reduce the suffering, and to improve the medical care for human kind to extend the legacy of Alastair.

“At the same time, we hope the Beijing GuoMinXinHe Group, in cooperating as well as sharing experiences with Goldman Sachs and the Macquarie Group, will continue to increase its international financing service capability, so that it will not only contribute to the health care industry within China, but also to the relevant field in the world.”

The Alastair Lucas Prize (Fellowship) for Medical Research

The Alastair Lucas Prize (Fellowship) for Medical Research will be a competitive prize aimed to attract high calibre researchers from around the world to undertake their program of work at Burnet Institute.

This Prize will be awarded to a postdoctoral researcher in pursuit of priority diseases which impact on poor and vulnerable populations, in line with the mission of Burnet Institute.

Mr Lucas distinguished himself as one of Australia’s most experienced corporate advisors with both Goldman Sachs and Macquarie Group. Both organisations previously announced their commitment to be Founding Partners of the Endowment Fund.

Goldman Sachs Head of investment banking in Australia and New Zealand, Mr Christian Johnston said: “Goldman Sachs is honoured to play a small part in establishing the Alastair Lucas Endowment Fund which will create an enduring legacy for Australian medical research.”

Head of Macquarie Capital in Australia and New Zealand and Burnet board member, Mr Robin Bishop said: “It is a privilege to support the researchers who strive to find new ways to prevent, cure and treat the medical conditions affecting the most vulnerable people in our community.”

The inaugural Alastair Lucas Prize (Fellowship) for Medical Research is expected to be bestowed in 2016.

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