Dr Nick Scott is Beever Fellow again

Angus Morgan

20 May, 2015

L-R: Professor Brendan Crabb, Dr Nick Scott, Steven Beever and Paula Beever

Burnet Institute econometrician Dr Nick Scott says he’s honoured and delighted to receive the prestigious Jim and Margaret Beever Fellowship for the second year running.

Dr Scott was named the Beever Fellow last year for his hepatitis C research into treatment as prevention for people who inject drugs.

The 2015 Fellowship, which was announced at Burnet’s 26th Annual General Meeting, will enable Dr Scott to take the project to the next level.

“There’s plenty more to do in terms of looking at the cost-effectiveness of the new treatments and looking at different ways the virus is transmitted,” Dr Scott said.

“Generally speaking, modelling approaches assume that populations mix altogether, but the reality is that there’s a lot of self-selecting when people mix and transmit.

“Social networks are a big part of that, and what I’ll be doing is looking at how the social network and injecting partners affect the transmission and how that can be used to make different interventions more effective.”

Burnet Director and CEO Professor Brendan Crabb said the Fellowship, which is awarded to outstanding early-career researchers in infectious diseases at the Institute, intersects at a critical stage.

“There is a difficult period once you’ve got your PhD, maybe even done some post-doctoral work, and it’s becoming more and more competitive to then become a career scientist supported by the NHMRC,” Professor Crabb said.

“These awards are the crucial links, the difference between someone going on to a great career in science and getting out - it’s that significant."

Dr Scott agreed the award’s legacy transcends the recipient’s 12 months as the Beever Fellow.

“It’s really fantastic because, as Brendan said, it’s a really tough part of your career after finishing your PhD just to continue developing your CV,” Dr Scott said.

“To have some support to do that is amazing.”

Dr Scott studied modelling and analysis techniques as part of his mathematics PhD and joined Burnet to apply new ideas to further develop current understanding of drug market economies.

The Fellowship was established through a gift to Burnet by the late Jim Beever as a tribute to his wife, Margaret, and presented at the AGM by Jim and Margaret’s nephew, Steven.

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