Call out for SCOPE participants

Angus Morgan

09 March, 2015

The SCOPE (Social Connectivity: Online Perceptions and Experiences) project aims to create a space for young people to discuss their own experiences with technology, sex and relationships in a safe and informed way, and to access resources relating to cyber safety, cyber bullying, the legalities surrounding sexting for minors, and other tech-related topics.

We are currently recruiting 15-29 year olds for this study.

Part one: Content development for the website and social media page

We are recruiting young people to participate in one-on-one interviews (most likely via online chat) to discuss what is wanted out of a social media page and website, mainly around the topics that are of most interest to young people. This will involve a 45-60 minute interview with a researcher at a time most convenient. Participants will be reimbursed.

Part two: Submission of a feature story for the website

Young people also have the opportunity to submit their own feature story to our website. This can be a positive or negative personal reflection of technology, relationships or cyber safety. This story will be presented anonymously and participants will be reimbursed.

Participants can be involved in both aspects of the study if they wish and will be reimbursed for both.

If you are interested in participating in this study, please email [email protected] or call Alyce Vella on (03) 8506 2395.

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Associate Professor Megan SC Lim

Deputy Program Director, Behaviours and Health Risks; Head, Young People’s Health




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