Burnet supports declaration on migrant health

Angus Morgan

13 February, 2015

Burnet Institute has joined as a signatory to a declaration calling on the Federal Government to prioritise and safeguard health service provision and reduce health inequities of migrants and refugees.

The ‘Melbourne Declaration on Building Integration and Reducing Migration Related Health Inequity’ was produced by delegates to The Inaugural International Conference on Migration, Social Disadvantage and Health (MSDH), which concludes in Melbourne on Friday.

One of the themes of MSDH, attended by academics, researchers, administrators, policy makers and stakeholders from key government and non-government organisations (NGOs), was to identify policy gaps and challenges related to migration and health.

The conference resolved also to propose a national and international research agenda for reducing migration-related inequalities.

MSDH plenary presenter, Burnet Deputy Director Professor Mike Toole, said it’s critical that the declaration is supported and honoured with action.

“The Melbourne Declaration is an important statement by dedicated and compassionate professionals to ensure that migrants to this country can access the most effective, affordable and culturally appropriate health services that we can provide,” Professor Toole said.

Included in the six-point declaration is recognition that “migrants, refugees and asylum seekers have a right to health and therefore appropriate access to government funded health care services”.

The declaration also acknowledges the impact of racism on health, and the importance of “work to eliminating racism and race based discrimination by promoting inclusion of educational, employment, health and social services”.

View the Melbourne Declaration here.

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