Australia’s medical research sector backs the Medical Research Future Fund

Burnet Institute

01 September, 2014

New MRFF Action Group advocates for the most important initiative in Australian medical research in generations.

The organisations that carry out Australia’s world-leading medical research have joined forces to support the Federal Government’s proposed Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

The MRFF Action Group – which comprises members from organisations representing all of Australia’s medical researchers– will promote the groundbreaking benefits the MRFF will bring to Australia’s health and prosperity.

The health benefits of medical research are well understood. Australian medical research has extended lives and reduced suffering in Australia and across the world. Over many decades, Australia has developed a highly skilled health and medical research workforce, establishing a global reputation for discovery and innovation. The increase in medical research expenditure that will flow from the MRFF will underpin Australia’s future as a world leader in the health industry.

Australian discoveries are too numerous to mention but include the development of penicillin, spray-on skin, the Cochlear implant, a cure for peptic ulcers, the Gardasil vaccine for cervical cancer and novel treatments for cancers.

MRFF Action Group and Burnet Institute chair Alastair Lucas AM said: “In addition to the health benefits of medical research, the economic impact of world-leading medical research should also be emphasised.

“Medical research is Australia’s best knowledge industry, employing 23,000 research professionals supporting a medicines industry of over 40,000. Annually, Australia now exports $4 billion worth of products developed through medical research, making it Australia’s largest high technology export industry,” he said.

“However, while our research skills excel, the reality is that our medical research spending lags many other western nations. Australia will fall behind if this funding gap is not addressed."

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