Burnet collaborator wins top science award

Burnet Institute

07 August, 2014

Dr Osier (second from right) with the Beeson Laboratory in 2011.

Burnet Institute collaborator and malaria researcher, Dr Faith Osier has been awarded the Royal Society Pfizer Prize, one of the most prestigious prizes for African scientists.

The award is presented annually to a young scientist based in Africa and recognises research scientists making innovative contributions to the biological sciences, including basic medical science.

Dr Osier works at the Kenya Medical Research Institute and was awarded the prize for her work on understanding the mechanisms of malaria immunity.

While leading a team of her own, she also collaborates with Head of Burnet’s Centre for Biomedical Research, Professor James Beeson and his laboratory, working to understand how children living in malaria-endemic areas develop immunity to the disease – research crucial to the development of vaccines.

“I am delighted and excited by the Royal Society Pfizer Prize award, which I see as an award to my whole research team,” Dr Osier said.

“It is our dream to build strong science in Africa which contributes to solving Africa’s major health problems.”

Professor Beeson said Faith is an outstanding scientist and he and his team were excited to hear she had been presented the prestigious award.

“She is highly regarded internationally, and is becoming a key leader of research in Africa. She is a great inspiration and role model for junior African scientists,” he said.

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