Burnet establishes new company in Nanjing, China

Tracy Parish

13 September, 2013

Burnet's company, Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostic Technology Ltd will be based here at the Jiangsu Life Sciences and Technology Innovation Park.

Burnet Institute is pleased to announce the registration of a new company in China, Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostic Technology Ltd, established via a grant from the Nanjing government and investment from the Institute.

Based in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu - Victoria’s sister state - this new company will undertake research and development (R&D) of novel diagnostic tools in areas of unmet medical need, and represents another strategic step forward in Burnet’s current expansion of its China operations.

We are grateful to our colleagues in the Australia-China Association for Biomedical Sciences (ACABS) who brought to our attention this grant opportunity awarded by the Nanjing government aimed at fostering innovation and attracting commercially viable projects.

Burnet’s Associate Professor David Anderson and his diagnostics development laboratory formulated a proposal for a point-of-care test for detecting liver disease, which has enormous commercial potential both in China and worldwide.

With help from our ACABS colleagues we entered into a competitive process late-2012 and were awarded a RMB1.3 million grant in April this year.

We have been provided with laboratory and office space within the Jiangsu Life Sciences & Technology Innovation Park on the outskirts of Nanjing as part of the grant for the coming three years, as well as an allowance for renting an apartment that will be very useful for frequent visits from Melbourne-based staff to the new facility.

Early next year, we look forward to hosting some new China-based research and development staff for advanced training here in Melbourne, and the start of an expanded program of diagnostics research and development, drawing on both Australian and Chinese expertise.

Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostic Technology will be a fully integrated business undertaking the commercial development of innovative diagnostic tools, with the capacity for manufacturing, sales and distribution of products. Burnet is actively seeking further investment in this exciting new venture.

It is anticipated that the liver disease test will progress to commercial manufacture within three years, benefiting from our experience with the similar (but much more complicated) VISITECT® CD4 test.

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