Burnet scientist wins Mollie Holman Medal

Burnet Institute

21 March, 2013

Dr Michael Roche presented with the Mollie Holman Medal by Professor Brendan Crabb

A research officer from Burnet’s Centre for Virology has been awarded a prestigious Monash University Mollie Holman Medal.

Dr Michael Roche from the Gorry Laboratory won the medal for the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences for his PhD entitled ‘HIV-1 Envelope protein determinants of viral tropism and antiviral drug resistance’.

Co-head of the Centre for Virology, Professor Suzanne Crowe said the Mollie Holman Doctoral Medals are among the highest academic honours bestowed by Monash University.

Up to 10 medals are awarded to Monash doctoral candidates, normally one from each faculty, who have fulfilled their degree requirements and presented their faculty’s best thesis of the year.

“This award marks the recipients as researchers of the highest order. I offer warm congratulations to Michael and also to Paul Gorry and other members of the team who worked with him during his PhD,” Professor Crowe said.

Dr Roche said the award was quite a surprise, especially after having seen the calibre of former winners.

“It’s a great honour and I think it reflects really well on the quality of supervision I received from Professor Gorry and the great research environment that we have here at Burnet,” Dr Roche said.

“This award is really important for me as I am applying for an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship this year and having the Mollie Holman Medal demonstrates my research capabilities well.

“It really could not have come at a better time – also, I am a bit of a hero in my family now so that doesn’t hurt either!”

The medal is named in honour of Professor Mollie Holman and was offered for the first time in 1998. Professor Holman made a long and distinguished contribution to Monash University and has been a vigorous champion of postgraduate education.

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