Global Fund visits Burnet

Burnet Institute

14 March, 2013

Professor Brendan Crabb with The Global Fund's Executive Director, Dr Mark Dybul.

Recently-appointed Executive Director of The Global Fund, Dr Mark Dybul visited Melbourne this week for a round table discussion with representatives of Australian non-government organisations (NGO).

The focus of the roundtable, held at the Burnet Institute, was to brief key stakeholders on recent structural changes to the Global Fund, such as the revised granting and financial management systems, and to discuss the strategy for the 2013 Replenishment.

Dr Dybul and Global Fund External Relations Director, Dr Christoph Benn called on the NGOs to consider ways to promote the impact the Global Fund has made across its three areas of focus, HIV, malaria and tuberculosis, and to lobby for funding where possible to key decision makers in government and in the corporate sector.

Burnet Institute Director and CEO, Professor Brendan Crabb said more than 40 NGOs attended and it was a great opportunity to co-host the event at the Institute.

“It gave us a chance to participate in meaningful discussions about The Global Fund’s achievements and to look at ways to make even greater impact in its areas of focus,” Professor Crabb said.

While in Australia, Dr Dybul and Dr Benn will meet with key Federal Ministers and Shadow Ministers, officials from AusAID, and the Department of Health and Ageing.

They will also be introduced to representatives from the HIV research sector and community groups in Sydney.

Burnet co-hosted the event with Results, an Australian organisation dedicated to ending poverty and Pacific Friends of The Global Fund.

CLICK HERE to read a recent blog by Dr Mark Dybul highlighting Australia’s contribution to global health investment.

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