Visiting Afghan doctor speaks of health challenges back home

Burnet Institute

28 November, 2012

A high-profile Afghan doctor has told ABC Radio in Melbourne that the support of international agencies are integral to the running health services in Afghanistan.

Dr Jammalluddin Jawaid, CEO of the Agency for Assistance and Development of Afghanistan (AADA) in Kabul spoke to ABC’s Jon Faine about the challenges and successes of health services in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, the entire health service is contracted out by the government and implemented by private providers who are an assortment of local and international non-government organisations, like AADA.

Dr Jawaid is visiting the Burnet Institute through AusAID’s Australian Leadership Awards to look at health system planning.

“Cost per capita for healthcare in Afghanistan is $40-50 compared to the thousands allocated for Australians,” he said.

“I think the focus now needs to be on capacity building for Afghans…We love our country and we do not want to lose hope. We want to learn from other countries and make our country better.”

CLICK HERE to listen to the full interview on ABC Melbourne’s website, Dr Jawaid features in the second half of the audio clip.

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