Burnet joins health leaders to showcase latest medical research discoveries

Burnet Institute

25 February, 2022

Burnet Institute is collaborating with international leaders in health and medical research to bring together the best stories and discoveries from medical research institutes to one centralised place.

The Medical Research Discoveries website has been launched by the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI), a peak body representing more than 55 medical research institutes across Australia.

Collectively, AAMRI’s members represent more than 19,000 staff and students, who are addressing a multitude of human health and disease issues.

Organisers say the unique value that medical research institutes provide across Australia has never been captured in one place, until now

“We designed this showcase to demonstrate to Australians what our sector does - and how much amazing work comes out of our institutes,” said Professor Kathryn North AC, AAMRI President.

“It makes me feel immense pride to see all the discoveries arising across Australia - a new affordable dialysis system that will help millions, a novel trial for diabetes, to the entire NatureBank in Queensland for biodiscovery on Australian flora and fauna,” said Professor North.

“At our Institutes, we are talking about these things every day, and now we have the opportunity for people to get the full picture of what medical research institutes really do.”

The website coordinators say the website has launched with 20 discoveries, with another 50 going up over the next few weeks, building continuously.

The site also profiles all 58 Institutes contributing to the site, and lists 25 research areas all linked back to each discovery and institute.

Read more at the Medical Research Discoveries website.

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