Young Einsteins get inspiration from Burnet scientists

Burnet Institute

14 August, 2012

Burnet scientists Vashti Irani, Katherine Lieschke, Alyce Vella and Dhanya Malandkar at Scienceworks for National Science Week.

Burnet Institute staff inspire the scientists of the future at the National Science Week event at Scienceworks.

A group of Burnet scientists joined a number of other institutes to get primary school-aged children interested in science with experiments and displays.

Kerry Ko from Burnet’s Centre for Immunology said it was a great opportunity to showcase medical science to the kids.

“We set up a microscope with cells for them to look at and also had an activity where they could dress up in the gown, gloves and do some pipette work,” Kerry said.

“We wanted to inspire kids to get interested in science, more specifically biology, infectious disease, the immune system and brainstorming with an analytical mind – all the things that get us excited about our research.”

Burnet also provided a whiteboard with practical suggestions to stop flu transmission to get the budding scientists thinking about what they can do at home to stop the spread of disease.

Kerry said the event was a great way of not only promoting science to the kids but also raise awareness in the community about medical research, in particular chatting to the parents about what medical scientists do.

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