Burnet launches How Science Matters podcast series!

Burnet Institute

10 August, 2021

How Science Matters Podcast

This will not leave anyone untouched in 20 years’ time. We will all have had some SARS-CoV-2 infection. It might be mild. It might be severe.

That’s the view of a leading vaccine expert who lives the science every day – Professor Heidi Drummer.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first impacted our lives – making sense of the science has become a daily challenge for us all.

And yet the world is still not COVID-free. But there is hope – science.

Why is it so hard to crush this global pandemic? We look at how we got here, and what comes next.

In these challenging times Burnet Institute has released a special 8-part podcast seriesHow Science Matters – featuring some of Australia’s visionary scientific thinkers. You’ll also find out what keeps them awake at night as they grapple with a pandemic – and how science is playing a leading role in shaping our response.

“Science does matter. It’s why we’re not in the dark ages. It’s why we will deal with COVID.” – co-host, Professor Brendan Crabb AC

Each thematic episode is co-hosted by former ABC Radio journalist Tracy Parish and Burnet Institute’s Professor Brendan Crabb AC, a microbiologist, malaria researcher, and one of the best minds in infectious diseases and global health today.

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How Science Matters was produced by Written & Recorded.

COVID-19 is a complex global health challenge – so join us in the fight against the pandemic and help us remind everyone how science matters.

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We want this podcast to spread like a virus – but in a good way.

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