An Insider’s View: Lachlan Gray at AIDS 2012

Tracy Parish

25 July, 2012

Presenting at AIDS 2012, Washington

Lachlan Gray’s outstanding talents have been recognised by international peers. He was invited to present his work and also attend the conference supported by an IAS scholarship.

Here’s his reflections…

25 July 2012:

On Monday (23 July) at the AIDS 2012 conference we heard inspiring talks from Tony Fauci (Director NIAID), Phil Wilson (Black AIDS Institute), Hillary Clinton and Elton John.

I presented for the second time yesterday afternoon and that went well.

I’m chairing tomorrow and I’m just about to meet with a journalist from Nature and my co-chair Nicholas Chomont to discuss cure, latency & the Berlin patient.

23 July 2012:

The pre-conference “Towards an HIV Cure” wrapped up yesterday completing a two-day event that culminated in the release of the Nature Reviews Immunology paper “Towards an HIV Cure: a global scientific strategy”, which was prepared by the IAS Scientific Working Group on HIV Cure.

Sharon Lewin and Melissa Churchill are both members of the working group and its a great testament to them and their pioneering work that they were selected to join this very important and instrumental group. Together the group undertook a comprehensive review of the research related to HIV cure and identified 7 major themes going forward that will aid in the development of HIV cure and eradication strategies.

My presentation at the meeting was well received and generated a lot of discussion. It was great to mix and network with the leaders in the field, including Steve Deeks, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, Sharon Lewin, David Margolis, Sarah Palmer, and many others.

I look forward to also presenting at AIDS 2012 in a few days times. I also covered half of the poster session as a rapporteur at the pre-conference symposium and will chair another session with Nicholas Chomont at AIDS 2012. More to come…

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