Congratulations to Professor Brendan Crabb awarded Global Citizen Prize: Australia's Hero Award

Burnet Institute

22 December, 2020

We are all thrilled Professor Brendan Crabb AC, our Director and CEO, has been honoured with the 2020 Global Citizen Prize: Australia’s Hero Award.

A champion for vulnerable people and those most-at-risk, he is committed to changing lives and advocating for a healthier, more just and equitable world.

A “transformative” research scientist, Brendan has dedicated his career and work in finding solutions through science to complex health problems, and then bringing them to people who can’t afford them.

“Diseases like malaria and COVID-19 are technical problems that require science to find answers,” he said. “But they are also a problem of poverty, of neglect. Burnet tries to bring those two things together. It’s equity and poverty alleviation that drives us.”

As he told Monique Wright on Channel 7’s Sunrise show: “Helping those in poverty and most-at-risk is not just morally the right thing to do. What COVID19 has shown is, it’s good for everybody.”

About the Global Citizen Prize

The Global Citizen Prize honours recipients who are making extraordinary efforts for the world’s most vulnerable. The Awards hosted by John Legend featured a stellar line-up of change makers and performers and was broadcast and digitally streamed globally. Watch here.

About The Australian Hero Award

The Country Hero Award category celebrates individuals around the world who have shown exceptional commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and championing the most vulnerable. The awards recognised winners in Canada, UK, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, and Mexico.

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Professor Brendan Crabb AC

Director and CEO; Co-Head Malaria Research Laboratory; Chair, Victorian Chapter of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI)




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