Burnet and VicAAMRI welcome medical research investment

Burnet Institute

24 November, 2020

Burnet Institute, along with the Victorian Chapter of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (VicAAMRI) have applauded the Victorian Government’s investment as part of today’s State Budget, which will enable Victoria’s medical research and life-science sector to accelerate to new heights.

This investment will help ensure Victoria’s world leading medical research institutes are a key driver of economic growth and will create thousands of high-skilled jobs.

Burnet Director and CEO, and Chair of VicAAMRI, Professor Brendan Crabb AC, welcomed today’s announcement.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the global significance of Victoria’s medical research capabilities,“ Professor Crabb said.

Major investments include:

  • $2 billion Breakthrough Victoria Fund to drive investment in translational research, innovation and commercialisation outcomes to accelerate growth in key industries, including health, life-sciences and advanced manufacturing
  • $155 million to establish the new Australian Institutes for Infectious Diseases and Global Health
  • $36 million continued support for the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance
  • $16.5 million towards coronavirus (COVID-19) research to support the development of treatments and responses that address its immediate, medium and long-term health impacts
  • $2 million for the delivery of a respiratory challenge trials project
  • $1 million to kick start planning for the establishment of a National Centre for Inflammation Research, led by Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Professor Crabb said the package would create thousands of jobs and boost the state’s economy.

“The package announced by the Victorian Government today will greatly accelerate Victoria’s economic recovery. It will shape the next decade of growth for Victoria’s medical research and life-sciences industries,” he said.

Professor Crabb said the Victorian Government’s support was essential in realising the full potential of medical research conducted across Victoria’s independent medical research institutes, hospitals and universities.

“Like most sectors of the economy, Victoria’s medical research institutes have faced enormous challenges due to the economic downturn.

“As part of this budget, VicAAMRI called for increased funding through the Operational Infrastructure Support (OIS) Program. The OIS Program and support for research intensive hospitals is absolutely essential so that we can enable our scientists and staff to deliver the life-changing impact of medical research.

“While an increase in the OIS Program wasn’t delivered as part of today’s announcement, we look forward to working with the Government to secure this critical initiative as part of the upcoming May Budget,” Professor Crabb said.

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VicAAMRI represents 14 of Victoria’s world-class independent medical research institutes. Our members work to deliver better health outcomes through cutting-edge research across a wide range of health and disease areas. VicAAMRI aims to strengthen Victoria’s medical research sector by raising the profile of health and medical research and the role of medical research institutes in building a healthy and prosperous Victoria.

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