'Outstanding' young researcher wins Burnet award

Burnet Institute

08 June, 2012

Muriel Adulante, (back, third from left) with the Tachedjian Laboratory.

Muriel Aldunate, a Research Assistant in the Tachedjian Laboratory has been awarded the Burnet Institute Infectious Diseases and Public Health Research Award.

Muriel’s presentation, ‘The Mechanism of Action of the Dendrimer Microbicide SPL7013 Against HIV’ was the best at the ASMR Student Research Symposium, winning her the award.

“Receiving the prize was a very welcome and big surprise, credit should of course go to everyone from the lab for their outstanding guidance and support throughout my Honours,” Muriel said.

“Working with this amazing group of people at the Institute, I have learnt about the excitement and sense of achievement that can be gained from a scientific career, and it has been incredibly rewarding as a young researcher.”

Muriel’s research focus is understanding the mechanism of action of microbicides to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

As well as the antimicrobial activity of the natural factor, lactic acid found in the female genital tract.

Head of the Tachedjian Laboratory, Associate Professor Gilda Tachedjian said Muriel is an outstanding and highly talented researcher.

“She is meticulous in her approach to her research and has demonstrated scientific maturity which is beyond her years,” Associate Professor Tachedjian said.

“Murial amazes me with her scientific insight, her ability to read the literature and distill this into hypothesis to explain her research. Not only is she a talented researcher, she is also a lovely person and a pleasure to have in my laboratory.”

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